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Job Experience


Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKEM) [website]
I work as a general specialist in mathematics and physics in the Laboratory of Experimental Magnetic Resonance.


from October 2022

Heidelberg University [website]
I have been accepted to the Molecular Biosciences programme with a major in Cancer Biology.


University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague (UCT) [website]
I got my bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and Biotechnology with specialization in Biochemistry and Microbiology.


Charles University in Prague (UK) [website]
I studied Computer Science for two semesters. Although I decided to prioritize my studies in Heidelberg, I learned the basics of coding and problem solving in this programme, which I am using in my studies and research.



Reactive oxygen species visualisation using MR (IKEM)
– MR spectroscopy
– developing cell culture model of hypoxia in emerging tumors or inflamation
– anti-inflamamatory activity tests
ongoing, first results presented at the "Czech-Austrian Workshop on Magnetic Resonance Imaging nad Spectroscopy" and "European Molecular Imaging Meeting 2022"


Sensitivity of collection cell lines to chemotherapeutics (UCT)
– testing the cytotoxicity of 13 anticancer agents with different mechanisms of action and resistance to frequently used cell lines – as a result, a panel of known IC50\mathrm{IC}_{50} can be used as a comparison to the effect of tested new compounds
bachelor thesis


Langerhans islets labeling with new MR contrast agent (IKEM)
– islets labeling and gelatine phantom preparation
in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo MRI measurements
manuscript published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces [link]


Tumor volumetry measurements (IKEM)
– comparison of methods to determinate efficiency of anticancer agent
– genetic modification of cell line (transposon system)
in vivo MRI measurements
results in revision



Czech (native), English (advanced) and German (intermediate)


– swing dancing
– playing trombone in a big band
– cooking and baking